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May is Mental Health Month!


My name is Rebecca Daniel and I am a psychologist local to Sylva, NC (as well as the President Elect for WNCPA for the 2018 term). I wanted to write a piece to honor Mental Health Month, 2017. For the past 68 years, Mental Health America has designated the month of May to be a month of awareness for the importance of mental wellness along with various psychological conditions. This year, their theme is “Risky Business,” which highlights a variety of behaviors that put one at risk for developing a mental illness or exacerbating a current mental illness. Take the following examples:

  • Marijuana use
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Exercise
  • Sex
  • Compulsive buying
  • Internet addiction

Although the above list is not exhaustive, many individuals find themselves using one or more of these behaviors as a way to cope with emotional distress or for recreational use. While these behaviors may seem to “help” in the short-term, it generally leads to avoidance of whatever is causing distress in the first place, which only prolongs and exacerbates the pain and suffering.

If you find that you or a loved one are struggling with any of the above issues (or anything else that you may deem to be “risky business”), there are many great public and private resources in WNC that can direct one down a path of healing and wellness. Listed below are several local agencies and search engines that can help you get started today. From myself, the Western North Carolina Psychological Association, and Sylva Clinical Associates, we wish you many blessings and hope that you can find time to nourish your mental health!

Rebecca Daniel, MA, LPA


Sylva Clinical Associates



American Psychological Association

Appalachian Community Services

Mental Health America

Meridian Behavioral Health

Psychology Today

Vaya Health


Upcoming March Events!

Hi all,

Happy  March! It’s hard to believe that we’re already two whole months into 2017. I wanted to share with you some exciting events that are happening in Western North Carolina this month.

WNCPA March Meeting (3/20, 7:00pm): Ed Hamlin, Ph.D, presents “Neuroscience…for therapists!” Come join us for a night of connecting with other local psychologists and learning! P.s., attendance counts for 1 hour of category B continuing ed credit! Location will be announced soon.

7th Annual Collaborative Conference on Rural Mental Health (3/23-3/24): Plemmons’ Student Union, Appalachian State University. See the attached flyer for the conference agenda. Of particular interest, there is a 3 hour continuing education event being offered on 3/24, called: “Counseling on access to lethal means (CALM) for rural consumers at risk for suicide.”

As always, if you know of any other events happening in the area, let us know! Also, WNCPA now has a Facebook page! Search: Western North Carolina Psychological Association to join today.

Share this information with your friends and colleagues! We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Rebecca Daniel, MA, LPA

Sylva Clinical Associates



Introduction to Collaborative Law for Therapists! 2/17/17

Hi all,

We here at WNCPA hope that your 2017 has been off to a good start! We wanted to share with you an upcoming educational program hosted by the WNC Collaborative Law Group: “Intro to Collaborative Law for Therapists.”

If you’re interested in learning about how to work with families who are in the process of separating or divorcing and want to resolve legal issues amicably, this is the workshop for you. Check out the flyer below for more information!


Rebecca Daniel, MA, LPA

Sylva Clinical Associates

Annual Holiday Party! December 6!


Hello, Fellow Licensed Psychologists in Western North Carolina – This is your invitation to Western North Carolina Psychological Association’s annual HOLIDAY PARTY at the Governor’s Western Residence!  I want you to come and make HAPPY with your colleagues. You don’t have to be a WNCPA member but you probably will want to be after you see what a fantastic bunch we are.  Our membership is increasing.  New faces, new talent, new ideas!  We are gaining younger psychologists new to the profession and retaining those who are long on experience.  If you are not a member, you should be.  Meetings are exciting and include CE presentations as well as good food and collegiate camaraderie!

Jerry Coffey, PhD

Sylva Clinical Associates, PA

October 17 Meeting: Learning Disorders CE Presentation

Download the Flyer!

Join us for a dutch-treat Dinner Meeting on October 17th  at 7 pm at the Gondolier of Asheville at 1360 Tunnel Road.

Jack Clement will present on Changes in Diagnosis and Identification of Learning Disorders. The presentation qualifies for 1 hour Category B Credit.

RSVP if you will attend to

September 19 Meeting – Category B CE

September 2016 Barley Presentation

Our next meeting of the Western North Carolina Psychological Association is September 19 at 7:00 PM at the Gondolier for a dutch treat dinner and presentation. Our own Bill Barley will be presenting on Desensitization of Anxiety via Exposure, which is good for an hour of Category B credit. Note that this is a CE year and CE units for this period should be completed by September 30.

Please see the attached flyer for more information. Please feel free to share this flyer with others who may be interested.

Mark your calendars. Please RSVP only if you are coming—but we need a head count!                      

See you then.

Karen Marcus, Psy.D.
WNCPA Past President